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Outdoor Signs

Custom Digital Signage in the Washington DC Metro Area

Digital signage is ushering in the newest wave of fresh sign alternatives. With a large, vivid digital screen connected to a computerized control device, digital signage will upgrade you beyond static images to video, sound and multimedia. Most digital signage is quick and easy to update, allowing you to convey unlimited messages through one signage investment. Electronic Message Centers (EMCs). These are computerized, programmable, high impact electronic visual communication devices designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. EMCs store and display multiple images and formats. Utilizing low cost, ultra-bright LED lighting allows you to pre-program your sign to change during different parts of the day, making it an effective 24 hour advertising powerhouse. For exterior applications, EMC cabinets are designed to withstand rain, snow and sunlight. One of the most dynamic signage options, you have to see it for yourself. Give us a call and let us show you the possibilities.

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